Practice chart – 25 raindrops

We finally had a sunny day after a week of rain and it has me looking forward to summer institute. Last year we went to LASI and this year we’re trying the Oregon Suzuki Institute. I enjoyed the wonderful faculty and campus last year and it was a delight to hear other viola students and repertoire. One of the students worked on Humoresque in the masterclass and now my kid can apply their “tuna tone” too.
While LASI was an incredible week it was also overwhelming and exhausting. I underestimated the time and mental load to prepare for orchestra. Their other non-core class was Intro to Rock. Adding up masterclass, group, orchestra and Intro to Rock it was too much time on the instrument and not enough wiggle time. This year we’re skipping orchestra at OSI in favor of Dalcroze, singing and origami.
Raindrops free to download and share – please link back to Triatone. Made with code by Sarah Holbrook.
Download twenty five raindrops PDF.

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